Why did Obama go to Mumbai?

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Why did Obama go to Mumbai?

Mumbai is the capital of the country India. Its name was derived from the goddess of Koli, Mumbadevi and the mother in language of Marathi, Aai. The combination of these two names then produced the word Mumbai. Being the center of commerce and entertainment all over India, it is considered the most populated city in the country and was declared the second most populated city in the world. With a population of over 10 million people, it has become the richest city in India and was named an Alpha world city.

Today, it is in Mumbai that India’s economy greatly depends. Despite the presence of terrorism and violence, Mumbai persistently strives to make India a country of interest. Because of the issues that revolve around the country of India, President Barrack Obama of the United States of America decided to visit the country. President Obama decided to go to India, along with the first lady, Michelle Obama, and the top officials of the U.S. government. They arrived in India at 12:50 in the afternoon and were welcomed by the Maharashtra Chief Minister Ashok Chavan, along with the other dignitaries that were present. The primary goal of the visit was to discuss with India’s authorities the possibility of establishing a US-India business ties that will address political and economical issues, particularly the approach on counter terrorism and the opening of American businesses in India respectively. Aside from that, the President paid tribute to the victims of the deadly terror strike of 26/11 as well as to Mahatma Gandhi who is the Father of all Nation and who also is President Obama’s inspiration.

After calls of courtesy were done, the President and leaders of India proceeded to the order of business which explains his visit.

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