Why Do Tattoos Itch?

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Why do tattoos itch?

Tattoos are wounds that are made deep into the skin and are filled with various colored inks. Tattoos are made by cutting the skin and penetrate inside with a needle and inject ink into that. By injecting ink into the cut, some designs are made. These tattoos will last for long duration or they might last forever. This happens because the ink is not just injected into the epidermis but, inserted into the dermis. The cells of the epidermis will not stay longer and they get shed off from time to time. As the ink is inserted deep into the skin layers where the cells are stable enough tattoos also retain there permanently.

Putting a tattoo is a very painful process and it hurts while tattoo is made. The intensity of the pain might vary from person to person depending on their tolerating capacities. Putting a tattoo is shooting a needle inside the skin for many times. The pain depends on the area where the tattoo is made and it might bleed to some extent.

Tattoos might cause itching sensation as the wound is in the process of healing. The wound will cause itching unless it is kept moist with some moisturizers or Vaseline lotion. Keeping the wound moist until it gets completely cured will prevent causing itching sensation or tingling sensation. The ointment that became very popular to be applied on tattoos when they are itching is A&D ointment.

As soon as tattoo is put, the wound results in inflammation due to the injury. Slowly the injured skin will start to fall off and new skin regenerates. During this process, the tattoo will itch intensely. After the skin repairs itself, the new skin that is formed becomes as tough as the surrounding skin. This stage is also quite itching for some time. If the tattoo skin becomes normal as that of surrounding skin, the itching stops.

The itching can result when the skin is allergic to the ink and to the red pigments in the ink. The skin of the person might not accept the toxins or impurities in the ink. If the itching is due to the reaction of skin to the ink then it will last for long time. The tattoos will swell and form bumps which might create itching when exposed to the sun for long time. If the person remains in hot shower for long time also the tattoo might itch. The itching might be sometimes due to the fungal infection in the wound.

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