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Why Do Noses Bleed?

Why Do Noses Bleed?

The nose is extremely rich in blood vessels, because it needs a whole lot of energy to be able to receive and send nerves, and contact many different parts of the brain all at once: memory, taste, sight, hormone reaction (yep, your nose is what picks up pheromones from other members of the human species), and much more. Thus noses, so full of blood vessels, are very prone to bleeding for various reasons. There are very simple nosebleeds that may result in nothing more than slightly bloody snot, and then there are others that are very profuse in the amount of blood that comes out of the nose. Everything depends on various conditions of the air, the blood, and of course, the nose.

Dryness is a very main cause of nosebleeds, especially in those not used to dry environments. Also heat and more salty environments are very common to cause nosebleeds. So traveling in the warm and dry state of Utah, for example, you could easily get a nosebleed if you aren’t used to it. Or if you were on the docks of a seaside marina for a few days, a nosebleed would be no strange thing.

Trauma to the nose is another way that noses will begin to bleed. Even small traumas can cause this, such as accidentally or totally on purpose being hit in the nose by something, such as a fist. This will cause the nose to start bleeding almost uncontrollably. Also, if a nosebleed might start much more easily if the individual had been taking blood-thinning or anti-clotting medications, as these will prevent the blood in the nose from clotting easily, thus giving a heavy flow when not expected.

Nosebleeds are also quite common with upper respiratory infections, as this can cause very strange effects in the nose, including running, and of course bleeding. Also, they are more common in the winter months, when such infections are more common, and also when people are changing from the cold wet outside to the warm and dry inside of homes.


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