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Why Does it Rain?

Why Does it Rain?

The warm air moves the water from rivers, oceans, and lakes into up above the sky as water vapor. The water vapor rises up into the air and form dense clouds. The clouds consist of water droplets or crystals of ice. The clouds move high up in the air. As it goes on rising in the air the surrounding air to the cloud becomes cooler. Gradually the water droplets held up in the clouds start becoming denser and at one stage become too much heavy. The dense cloud tends to fall down as rain.

Not every cloud will result in rain. The tiny water droplets that are not heavy enough will get moved away by the heavy air currents or they stay in the air floating. If it has to rain the cloud should possess denser water droplets. To become denser many small drops will combine to become larger droplets. The other way of formation of large drops would be direct condensation of water vapor in the air. In this way the size of the drop grows larger rapidly. As they keep growing, several large droplets do not remain as such in the cloud for long time and tend to fall down as rain.

When the air is cooled it will lose the capacity to bear water vapor and hence get converted into water drops. So in order to create rain basically air has to get cooled very much. To cool the air and create rain there are three ways for it to happen. According to the process of rising up of warm air as mentioned above convectional rains occur mostly in summer. The other type of rainfall is frontal rain which happens when warm air and cool air come in contact and condense later to help in rainfall. Other type is called relief rain which is caused due to obstructions like mountains. As the warm air touches the hills it gets cooler and form clouds which can result in rainfall. In any of the three ways, clouds condense to give rain.


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