Why are the Hosta leaves turning brown?

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Hostas are plants with various species that are said to be native to the northern parts of Asia.  Hostas are popular garden plants in many parts of the world. In the U.K., some Hosta varieties are called Plantain Lilies while others use the term Giboshi when referring to the plant. The green leaves of the Hosta plant make them a favorite among people who love the color of nature. But these leaves may also turn yellowish or even brown at some point in time. One reason for the browning of the leaves is too much sunlight.  Many plants may thrive from exposure to direct sunlight, but some Hosta leaves may actually experience discoloration and turn brown when exposed to too much direct sunlight.

Extreme weather may also contribute to the browning of Hosta leaves. This is especially apparent and obvious during the winter months. Too much frost can damage the stems and the leaves causing some discoloration. In some cases, pesticides may also be the culprit in the browning of Hosta leaves. Although the main intention may be to protect the leaves from insect infestation, the random use of pesticides may actually do more damage. If the wrong pesticide or ingredient comes in contact with the Hosta leaves, some browning and discoloration may occur.

Browning of the Hosta leaves may also come as a result of plant disease. One common disease is called anthracnose. This disease produces some white spots on the Hosta leaves with the borders turning brown in color.  Experts suggest that this disease may be prevented by the proper spacing of the Hosta plants. In this way, the disease will not easily spread to the other unaffected leaves.

As with any other plants, Hostas have specific needs in terms of sunlight, soil nutrition, and moisture. For the leaves to look green and healthy, people must make sure to give them time in terms of proper growing care.


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