Why should you Remove Dust from leaves?

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Why should you Remove Dust from leaves?

When we have plants in the house, we normally water them regularly. We also clean them as well as their surroundings as a part of our habit. When we go away from our house for some period, the plants will not be watered properly and the dust also gets accumulated on the leaves. As the surroundings as well as the plant placement cannot be maintained clean due to your absence. When we return after being away for some time we can observe that the plant has unclean leaves and branches. If we keep the plant like that for more duration its survival is doubted very much as it develops stress. The stressed plant becomes weak and allows infectious diseases to invade it. Apart from this, the plants in your house will purify the air that we breathe by removing the toxins like ammonia and carbon-monoxide in the air.

Plants carry out photosynthesis and respiration processes in them. For photosynthesis to occur, the sunlight should fall on the leaves or at places where green chlorophyll pigment is present. If the stem and leaves of the plant are covered by the dust, it will not be possible for the plant to carry out photosynthesis due to lack of photons that come from sunlight. The photons are responsible for the triggering of light reaction. Light reaction will create energy components which will be passed on to the dark reaction. Ultimately sugars or food materials are synthesized from the dark reaction. If sunlight does not provide photons to the green pigment, it cannot perform light reaction and in turn dark reaction also ceases to exist. Hence, the plant is susceptible to any type of infections as well as it becomes weak and eventually dies.

During respiration process, the carbon-di-oxide is taken in and gives out oxygen through stomata. If the dust gets accumulated on the stomata, the plant can no longer carry out exchange of gases. Hence, respiration will not occur properly. So, it is important to remove dust on the leaves in order to make the plant to synthesize its food properly and breathe properly to live healthily. Removing dust on the leaves will prevent the plant to surrender to the diseases.

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