Why do eels migrate?

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Eels are a variety of fish that are recognizable by their long and thin bodies.  Along with other animals, eels also have various activities in the ocean to protect their own survival. Many of them travel for long distances just to find food and have a place to live.  Their activities have also led many scientists to wonder why they go from one place to another for a specific period of time.  These same experts also point out that the migration of eels to other parts of the ocean is mainly for reproduction.

At regular times, most eels can be found in the shallow parts of the ocean floor.  As adults, most eels will be able to survive in these parts of the ocean as long as there is a large enough food supply.  But when the time comes that the eels need to lay their eggs, many of them go to deeper depths in the ocean for this specific purpose.  It is said that the deeper depths of the ocean are the best environment for eel larva to grow.  The larva will be able to thrive despite the stronger current, but the same current will also be the means for the larva to receive nourishment from the sea.  Freely floating in a stronger current simply means more growth and development of the eel larva.  Since the larva will also feed on floating substances, they will get more nutrition because of the current flow.

Aside from reproduction, though, some eels may also migrate because of food.  A particular area in the ocean may not have enough food for all  of the eels to survive, and the only way for them to continue living is to find other places where there is enough food for everybody.  Like in the case of eels living near populated places, some of them may need to transfer to other places to go about their daily lives because of a food shortage or sea pollution, for example.


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