Why do Birds Fly South for the Winter?

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Why do Birds Fly South for the Winter?

It is common to see flocks of birds flying south when it starts to get cold in the north. This is a regular movement that birds do in search for more favorable environments. This phenomenon is called bird migration.

Bird migration is the movement of birds from north to south and vice versa in search of warmer temperatures. This is a regular journey undertaken by many species of birds usually depending on the season. However, it is usually during the start of winter that you can see many birds flying south to warmer climates.

It is said that food is the main reason why birds fly down south during the winter. Food becomes scarce because of the cold conditions during winter. Of course, food is vital in the survival of the species so in order to do that, one must move to a place where it is abundant. Add to the fact that the environmental conditions make it hard for a warm blooded animal to survive.

We all know that it is summer in the southern hemisphere when winter sets in the northern hemisphere. There is an abundance of food in that part of the world because of the more favorable conditions. More food means an increase chance in survival. This is the reason why birds fly to the south for the winter to search for alternate food sources for their survival.

Food, habitat and weather conditions are the reasons why birds fly south during the winter. Of course, they have prepared themselves for this long journey by storing more fat in their bodies that become their energy sources when flying. When they feel the change in the weather conditions then their migration starts. So the next time you see birds flying south, marvel at this feat because it takes a lot of energy just to move to another place warmer and where food is abundant.

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    I love birds they have the tendencie to really feel whats the truth is about people birds have a brain and are very smart love jennifer


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