Why do tires need to be balanced ?

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Tires are something that has given the wheeled vehicles a new era from the pre historian period. At first there was only wheels and then emerged the concept of tires to make the particular toy of travelling smoother, easier and less time consuming. So, from the simplest common sense the importance of the tires could be imagined. And talking about importance a tire is not something that you built around a wheel covering it with a round shape which would be made of some material like tubes. Tires plays a very important role in aspect of controlling a vehicle. That is why the tires need to be balanced and each and every tire of a particular size category should be accurately maintained so that the vehicle doesn’t jerk too much. And the tires are actually the last part of vehicles on road that distributes the load over it with the help of axels and other tools like shock absorber. One by one, it is not possible to describe all the vehicle categories and describe the need of balanced tires. In case of two wheelers specially motorcycles the tires play comparatively higher importance than of four wheelers like cars and so on. And even in vehicles that has plenty like long trucks the tires are the tool that keep it smooth on road. If the bit of the tires are not balanced and the shape defaults a bit in case of two wheelers, it may jerk in straight road as well as cause a serious damage through accident while taking a turn. Same goes for four wheelers and other vehicles that has more than four wheels. While taking a sharp turn or the slightest movements it might go off track. A balanced tire assures a safe journey on road. That is why tires need to be well balanced.

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