Why is Albert Einstein Important?

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Why is Albert Einstein important?

Everybody probably knows Albert Einstein. He was considered a genius because of his helpful contribution in science and math. He was named as Father of Modern Physics because of his Theory of Relativity and his formula E = mc2. Aside from these famous contributions, Einstein also published books and articles which contributed to modern physics. He discussed theory of relativity, E = mc2, photoelectric effect, and Brownian Theory.

The Theory of relativity emphasized that objects move slower than light speed and that it is shortened when objects travel near light speed. This theory gave way to the formula that energy is equal to mass multiplied by the square of speed of light. This mass-energy equivalence was important because it explains that energy has mass and that mass and energy can be destroyed and conserved.

Another contribution of Einstein is the photoelectric effect which explains why electrons in a metal is emitted or ejected because of incident light. The energy is being absorbed by electrons that’s why the electrons have enough energy to be emitted. The stronger the incident light, the greater energy is ejected from the electrons. The photoelectric effect points out that there are photons and electronic radiation that exist.

In Brownian Theory, Einstein emphasized that molecular motions can be observed in a microscope. Einstein also proved that molecules in gas and liquid are in motion and collide and bounce back with each other. This observation was written in one of the journals of Einstein and until now, this theory is still put into practice.

With all Albert Einstein had contributed in the field of science and math, Einstein was named as genius. He also shared some of his famous quotes which became an inspiration to aspiring scientists. He was also a man of peace since he was influential in promoting understanding and unity in the society.

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