Why is dying your hair bad

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Why is dying your hair bad

Whether it is for beauty’s sake or simply covering streaks of gray hair, it has been warned that dying one’s hair is bad or should be used with precaution because it involves chemicals that may not just be damaging to the hair, if not properly applied, but also expose oneself to various health risks that include skin allergies or irritation, hair breakage, discoloration of the skin, uncertain color results, and other serious health concerns.

On the skin, the most common side effect in using hair color is the development of allergies or irritations. A Symptom ranges from the obvious itching, redness, burning sensation on the scalp and back of the neck, sores, and discomfort.

On the hair, roughness, dryness, and split ends are the known results of an over-processed” hair. Being exposed to various chemicals makes the hair damaged and fragile.

The chemicals on hair colors can also stain the skin around the hairline as well as the hands and fingernails which can look terrible. This is because the skin and fingernails has the same composition of keratinized protein as compared to hair. But, this is just a minor effect because the stain in the skin will naturally disappear as the skin renews itself after a few days or a week.

Another minor concern is the chancy color effect on the hair. When dying one’s hair, the type and color of the hair, the desired color of the hair, and the product going to be used should be taken into consideration in order to attain the preferred look. If not, it may lead to unwanted hair color result, disappointment, and may lower self-esteem.

But above all these concerns, the reason why dying one’s hair can be bad is because of the serious risk that it poses to one’s health. This is due to the presence of lead acetate in the hair coloring product. Lead acetate is toxic if swallowed and is believed to cause cancer, which includes leukemia, bladder and blood cancer, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, and multiple myeloma, especially when a person is constantly exposed to the chemical. And, a human carcinogen known as 4-ABP (4-aminobiphenyl) is said to have been found in hair dyes that can be easily purchased in stores.

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