Why is Gemini twins?

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Why is Gemini twins?

Gemini is the sun sign also called as the twins. This name called the twins was given to these stars as they lie as dominant stars among the constellation of Gemini. The symbol of twins basically represents dual nature which in the ancient period stood as the mark of mutually dependent contradictory forces. The two things that represent this sign indicate that some two opposite or incongruous forces like ‘right and left’ or black and white’ or ignorance and understanding’ or ‘evil and good’ or ‘death and life’.

Several stories are associated with this sign and these stories involve contradictory feature of the twins. In Rome, one of them is called as Pollux, who is immortal and have large strength. The other one is called as castor who is mortal and have extreme ingenuity and logic. As the mortal being has to die one day, they decided to live together and share the immortality. Immortality was shared by them by alternating their lives on heaven and earth.

The partner who is mortal selects intelligently to live along with the other to compensate for the immortality that he does not have. The sacred ancient myth says about these twin stars that they represent the eternal union. The twins did not want to get separated as one of them with conscious reasoning was dependent on the one with unconscious belief. The Gemini sign teaches that they concentrate and focus sharply on two aspects like spiritual and material. This sign also indicates mutual exchange of logic that is rationalistic with a belief due to an instinct. The Gemini sign also indicates that the contradictory aspects like reason and belief, male and female, emotion and intellect can exist together. Gemini sign shows swinging between intellectual inclination and inconsistent thoughts. The twin nature of Gemini also shows that their communicative methodology will be both logical as well as irrational. Existence of conflicting and antagonistic aspects of Gemini together helping each other represents the identical twins. Hence Gemini represents twins sign.

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