Why is MRSA So Dangerous?

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Why is MRSA So Dangerous?

Before answering why MRSA dangerous, let us define it’s meaning first. MRSA or Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus is an infection caused by staph bacteria and is defiant to any kind of antibiotic. Antibiotic is a medicine applied to get rid of bacteria or treat infections. Imagine what happens to your body, specifically to your skin if it resists antibiotic. It’s like having a body with chronic diabetes; too much blood sugar can’t heal any wounds.

MRSA infection expand by having close contact with the people with skin disease/infection and borrowing or using personal stuff that is being used by a person with skin infection like towel, shave or anything that is touched by their skin. A poor hygiene is also one minor aspect that we have to consider. We all know that people with poor hygiene is exposed to more and more bacteria. A personal sanitation is one of the basic things that one should constantly work on with because it is also the first thing that keeps us away from future illness.

MRSA is perilous. It is considered as an epidemic because it is contagious and can spread as easily as common colds and not to mention, a simple hug or kiss from an infected person can subtly slay you. Anyone in any place can get MRSA. MRSA is dangerous because it can penetrate the blood stream and can spread the bacteria easily and is because of the fact that people are unknowledgeable with regards to this.

Prevention is better than cure. MRSA is incurable or hard to cure and fatal therefore, we have to really take good care of ourselves. Boost your immune system, eat well, rest well and have a healthy lifestyle and perform daily personal hygiene. These goes out especially to the diabetic, the elderly and children, the prisoners, students and athletes because they are more likely exposed to the outside world and or have a weaker immune system.

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