Why was Rhode Island founded?

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Why was Rhode Island founded?

Rhode Island is a state that is located at New England. With 39 cities and towns, Rhode Island is considered to be the smallest state that belongs to the United States. Rhode Island’s full name is Rhode Island and Providence Plantations. This name was derived from the union of two colonies, Rhode Island and Providence Plantations. It was by a man named Roger Williams that the Providence Plantations was founded while Rhode Island was found on Aquidneck Island, one of the largest islands at the northern part of Rhode Island.

Roger Williams was the pioneer of discovering the Rhode Island. Roger Williams was highly intellectual and was very vocal of his religious beliefs. Due to frequent disputes with high ranking officials, he was expelled from the church and received an order that he be sentenced for expulsion from the colony in 1635. A year after, he settled in Providence of Narragansett Bay with his followers. It was here where he claimed to be a nondenominational Christian constantly seeking for spiritual growth. But after another conflict with the authorities of the place, Roger Williams demanded that the church and state be completely separated. And because of this, a royal charter was issued for Rhode Island in 1644, which became a haven for those who are suffering from religious discrimination. The Rhode Island then was the premise of the separation of the church and the state.

Today, Rhode Island continues to flourish despite the series of unfortunate events that happened last March of 2010. Along with Rhode Island’s booming economy, the industries of health, tourism and manufacturing contribute a lot to making Rhode Island a state that many people can be amaze of. Thanks to Roger Williams, Rhode Island continues to live the legacy he stood for.

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