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Why do Girls wear Bras?

by Joan


Why do girls wear bras?

When girls reach puberty stage, a lot of changes happen in their bodies, such as having monthly menstrual periods, growing hair and developing hips and breasts.

And when girls begin to have these two fleshy mounds, they become excited, because it’s the first visual sign of leaving their childhood. Having breasts means becoming a lady, and having a better-shaped body. When this happens, girls just can’t wait to wear bras. Although some girls still can’t completely get rid of their childish sides, choosing cutie pinkie little bras for a start, while others choose the sporty type beginners bra. Because, let’s face it, some girls are still too embarrassed about having breasts, especially if they are a little too big for their age.

Girls wear bras just to get the feeling of being covered, and of course, like many girls out there, they want to enhance the shape of their breasts. Yes, bras enhance the shape of breasts, and it gives a more defined look when wearing shirts. It gives girls confidence, because they feel pretty and attractive.

While it is not really a guarantee that bras really protect the breasts from sagging, a lot of girls still believe this. They also want to protect their budding breasts from being exposed to boys. You know, between the ages of 10 and 12 some boys are slightly mean, and are natural teasers. They don’t realize the privacy of these issues, and they sometimes tease girls for having breasts poking from their shirts. To relieve themselves from the embarrassment, girls just simply wear bras ‘š end of story.

Girls just like having nice things around them, and the assorted bra colors and designs are just too attractive for them to ignore. Owning these lacy, hearty or polka-dotty designed bras to match their knickers just gives a girl utter joy, even though no one gets to see it anyway.

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