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Why Facebook is necessary?

Why Facebook is necessary?

First of all, I would like to address this article to those specific persons who has a lot of friends registered on Facebook, bloggers or writers, and some business entrepreneurs who wants to reach out to more network of people.

If you already have a lot of friends inviting you to join Facebook then it is necessary for you to have one in order to stay in touch with them especially those who are living far away. Facebook has a lot of useful features like the tag system, chat system, instant notifications and web applications that you can use to share your memories and insights to your family and close friends. If on the other hand you don’t know anyone on Facebook then it’s not necessary unless you want to meet other Facebook members.

If you’re a person who likes to get yourself busy by playing games, answering trivia questions, reading blogs, and sending links then Facebook is the best site for you. They offer a lot of online games which you and your friends are sure to enjoy. These games load fast and need no installation whatsoever, just an updated flash player and an internet connection then you’re good to go. Another advantage is that uploading links are much faster and easier to share on Facebook.

If you are a blogger or an article writer and you want to advertise your blog or blog site then Facebook can be beneficial to you. You can either post your blog on facebook or share your blog site link to your friends. This way you can attract more traffic to your site.

Businesses, small business owners and private companies can benefit greatly from Facebook advertising. Imagine being able to reach out to almost 500 million Facebook members without the expense of posting billboards and doing commercials. Facebook provided their sponsors with their own spot on every page. All the ads are neatly piled up eliminating the annoying pop-ups and making them more noticeable. Fan pages are also a good idea if you want to update and address the needs of your clients personally.

In conclusion, I think that joining Facebook is necessary only if you will benefit from it.


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