Rich People Have Better Sex

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sunset-691995_640Those seeking better sex should toss their Viagra and try the stock market instead. A recent study from Spain indicates those with wealth report greater sexual satisfaction.

In 2009, over 9,850 Spaniards participated in the first-ever national sex survey. Researchers from the Barcelona Public Health Agency, in combing through the results of the survey, found an interesting correlation between wealth, gender and sexual satisfaction. Those of higher socioeconomic standing reported greater overall satisfaction with the frequency and quality of their sexual encounters.

The researchers also discovered wealthy women in particular reported high rates of sexual satisfaction. Lead author Dolores Ruiz said in a statement that, “People of a lower socioeconomic status claim to be less satisfied sexually, which especially applies to women, who seem to be more influenced by these factors.”

A greater self awareness, according to the study, is a key reason the wealthy report better sex. Knowing their needs better than less wealthy peers makes it easier for the wealthy to seek out ways to satisfy those needs, leading to more and better sex. The data also indicated a higher rate of contraceptive use among the wealthy. Perhaps being free from worries of accidental pregnancy helps to increase sexual satisfaction.

This Spanish study lines up with other known facts about sexual satisfaction. Those who experience less stress in other areas of their lives report more satisfying sexual encounters. Those with stable partners report up to 97 percent sexual satisfaction rates, as opposed to 88 percent among those experiencing a series of one-night stands. Socioeconomics has a bearing on both higher stability and lower frequency of sexual partners.

Parallel studies have also shown those who believe they’re having more sex than their peers report greater satisfaction. So even for those with tighter bankrolls, a little extra effort can be the difference between satisfaction and disappointment.

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