Why are grizzly Bears endangered?

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Why are grizzly bears endangered?

No matter how huge and fierce looking these grizzly bears to me, I still feel sad to learn that their population has started to dwindle gradually. Yes a great number of these huge animals covered with thick mass of fur and are famous for their big muscles bulging on their shoulders with paws bigger than a human’s face, are known to be diminishing.

While grizzly bears are known for being peaceful and solitary animals, they also tend to become easily upset and angered if provoked. They are known to be very protective of their cubs and they fearlessly attack anything or anyone they feel threatens their young. This characteristic of grizzly bear becomes a reason why people think they are wild and are meant to be hunted.

Yes, people hunt and kill them purposely to protect their land, farm and livestock as there were reported cases of grizzly bears responsible for deaths of lambs, sheep and cows. Others hunt grizzly bears for the mere purpose of getting their internal organs and some body parts for trading.

Another reason for their threat to extinction is loss of habitat. As the human population increases, the piece of land where they usually live and breed shrinks to a smaller portion. Most of these lands were converted to agricultural lands, roads, soil and mineral exploration grounds.

It is a good thing that some people are still concerned about the welfare of this animal and there are a number of government agencies organized to ensure the protection of grizzly bears. While we cannot blame people living in the areas close to grizzly bears’ habitat to be scared and on guard from their attacks, we still need to consider that this type of animal plays a very vital role in the balance of our ecosystem. Therefore, we need to do our share to preserve their population.

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