Why Do Apostolic Women Wear Skirts?

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Why Do Apostolic Women Wear Skirts?

In contrast to the Roman Catholic Church’s belief in the Holy Trinity, the Mother Mary and the Saints, the Apostolic Church is another of the Christian religions who on the contrary belief that there is only one God. For the Apostolic Religion followers, there is only one god who they refer as the Godhead. This Godhead thus comprises both the Father and the Son based on what the Holy Bible claims that it was the son who revealed the Father to the people.

For the Apostolic, the bible held the truth to all and its authority over them was to be treated with great reverence. Devout followers deemed the Ten Commandments as the law of God and the basis as to where they are to gauge their actions and behavior. Like the Catholics whose ultimate goal is to share the Kingdom of Heaven with God, Apostolicism incorporates God’s law in their way of life in an attempt to be God-like.

Compared to the more viable practices of the Roman Catholic Church, Apostolics are a little more rigid in their practices. Like Sikhs to their turbans, monks with theirs shaved heads and Islam women to their layers of clothing covering their bodies, Apostolic women wear noticeably long skirts to signify modesty. So why is this so?

For the Apostolics, outward beauties are but representations of temptation and sin. Therefore, the goal is to work on their inner beauty in order for them to become holy in the end. Perfecting holiness is a process by which all sin and dirt in the flesh and inner heart is cleansed from the person. This starts from clearing a man’s mind of his lustful thoughts towards a woman and vice versa. If to them, the thought and feeling of adultery is the act by itself, perfect holiness thus involves the cleanliness of all of one’s thoughts feelings and actions.

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