Why do Birds fly into windows?

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Why do birds fly into windows?

Coming, Coming, Coming!!! Crash!!!!

Have you seen the animated movie Nemo? Did you notice how hilarious it was for the Tank Gang when Nigel the Pelican flew and crashed into the window?

Hilarious indeed, but this funny scene is just a simple illustration that birds do fly into windows, and oftentimes collide with glass surfaces with a big bang in the process. In fact, hitting glass windows really hard could even end their lives. However, there are also many other cases where birds just keep flying back into the window, tapping against the glass with their beaks again and again.

Why do birds do this?

Like any other animals such as dogs or cats, birds do not understand the laws of reflection. Any reflection they see from a window could appear as another bird to them. It could be a mating potential or an enemy, without realizing, of course, that it is actually their own image.

Another explanation that relates to the reflection theory why birds fly into windows is because it could be due to birds’ common territorial behavior. Birds are known to be very protective of their own territory, particularly in their breeding season.

If, for example, a bird happens to be nesting on a tree close to your window, it is their instinct to protect their nesting area, including their food supply from the reflection they see in your glass window. The images they see (which are in fact theirs) pose a threat to their territories, and they fly to the windows in an effort to defend it. It explains why sometimes a bird furiously flies and slams into the window glass – it is trying to attack the reflection it sees in the window’s glass.

Now, I hope most of you out there will just try to be patient if you hear another bird persistently tapping on your window.

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