Why do Birds Sit on Power Lines?

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Why do Birds Sit on Power Lines?

Birds are flying creatures that are nice to look at when in flight either solo or in a formation. However, since they are also like humans, they too are prone to being tired especially when they have been flying for quite some time.

More often than not, you will see birds perched on power lines. This can be attributed to the fact that there are fewer trees to be seen especially when you are in urbanized areas or along long stretches of land.

Treetops are the favorite places of birds to dwell on. However with the changing times wherein trees are being cut to be used for shelter and food for humans, they have no choice but to adapt in order to survive. The next highest thing that they see is power lines so that is probably why they can often be seen sitting on power lines especially during sunrise and dusk.

When a flying bird is looking for a place to stop and rest its tired wings, it would want to stay in a safe place. Of course, for them, the safest place would be somewhere high above ground where predators cannot reach them. What better place to rest than a power line right?

The power lines are high enough for them to easily perch on just as they would on a tree branch. Its height gives them easy access for flying in and out easily. It is high enough that no ground predator will harm them and interrupt their rest period. It also gives them a high vantage point to scour the area for possible food or predator that will harm them.

Power lines pose no threat to them as long as they perch on one line only. Just as humans need rest in between long journeys, birds need it too. Power lines provide the perfect place for them to sit and relax.

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