Why do fit people sweat more?

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Not many people know that the fitter you become, the more sweat you produce. It is not just because those who exercise often spend more time in the gym and so they sweat more.  On an ordinary day, when a healthy and fit person is compared with a not-so-fit and sedentary individual, the production of sweat is actually greater with the fit person.  And this is actually a good thing for the body.

The basic explanation for more sweat production in healthier and fit people compared to slackers and loungers is that the body’s sweat mechanism is enhanced and improved while people exercise their bodies.  The body produces sweat all throughout the day to cool itself.  The production of sweat is even more increased during exercise.  It’s just like a cycle; the more people work out and do lots of things, the increased sweat will be produced to cool the entire body.  During exercise, the muscles heat up so there will be an increase in overall body temperature.  When this happens, the body will produce sweat in order to counter internal heat and keep the body in a balanced state.  Repeated exercise sessions and routines will allow the body’s sweat mechanism to be improved.  This simply means that the body will be able to produce sweat and cool itself more efficiently when it is regularly exercised.

For a fit person, what happens is that the whole body will become in a constant, temperature-checking mode.  Once it detects some heat internally and externally, it will readily activate the sweat mechanism and produce sweat for a somewhat instant, cooling effect.  This will then make fitter bodies produce more sweat overall for a normal given day as compared to individuals who are not exposed to exercising regularly.

Some fit people may also be not aware of this fact and so there are those who check with their doctors regarding their health.  Many people think that the sweating is due to some body ailment, for example, but it actually is just the body’s more efficient way of cooling off.

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