Why Do Fruits Produce Electricity?

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Why do fruits produce electricity?

For generating electricity, there must be a power source present and a total circuit. In order to generate electricity from citrus fruit circuit, it is necessary to have materials like wire, a small bulb, lemon fruit, and two metal elements. The power source in this circuit is the lemon fruit. The metals that are taken here in this experiment are zinc and copper.

To form the circuit, the metals are placed in the acidic juice of the lemons. The two metals which are in small quantities will be dissolved in lemon juice and the electrons of this juice will react with one another. The negatively charged electrons pass through the wire creating the electric current. Movement of electrons is represented as electricity. In a closed circuit, the electrons will pass from the power source and back to it without any interruption.

Here the lemon with the two metals, zinc and copper act as a battery source. Normally, a battery source will consist of two metals kept in an electrolyte. This electrolyte is the liquid that will transmit electrons from one electrode to the other. The citrus fruit will be the location for the chemical reaction to occur between the metals. The difference in chemical potentials will create voltage due to the presence of two opposite charges. This voltage will pull the electrons to move from one electrode to the other.

The citrus fruits like lemons and oranges are good conductors of electricity. They do not produce electricity on their own. But, if they are placed in a series in huge numbers to form a big circuit, sufficient electricity to light a bulb can be generated. This setting can be compared to a multi-cell battery. Not only citrus fruits, even potatoes, apples and any juicy fruits can act as electric conductors. The citrus fruit electric circuit can generate current that can light a penlight bulb. The power for the LEDs can be provided by citrus fruits as they use small amount of electricity than the normal bulbs. It was found that calculators also can be powered by citrus fruits.

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