Why Do Implants Fail?

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Implants fail because of a number of reasons including health problems, nutritional deficiencies, surgical errors, inadequate analysis and manufacturing errors or substandard fixtures.

Dental implants fail if the dentists don’t follow correct surgical procedures, shortcut the diagnostic phase and use substandard fixtures or because of other technical problems such as poor fitting, inadequate fixtures, nerve impairment and infections. There are a number of reasons why implants could fail and it depends on a particular case.

One of the causes for implant failures is infection, as in dental implants, a frequent implant failure case. Sometimes infections are not completely removed from an infected tooth, while at other instances, a poorly installed implant could irritate the gums and as bacteria find a weak spot in the tooth implant and the gum, an infection occurs.

If the dental implant is not properly placed during surgery, it could cause even further damage to the neighboring teeth. Sometimes, dentists fail to properly fix the implant in the jaw bone, which results in the loosening of the implant. Often an insufficient analysis of the jawbone results in an improperly installed implant. Dental implants can sometimes also fail because of the poor quality of the fixtures. Sometimes some patients opting for cheaper and low quality implants can contribute to the failure of implants.

It is the experience of the practitioner which matters at the end of the day, according to a study carried out by Linda Loma University. Despite all the factors involved, it is the expertise of the particular dentist which would determine whether the dental implant would be a success or a failure.

Though it is not always the fault of the dentist and sometimes the health of the patient is a factor too. Conditions such as diabetes and vitamin deficiency can weaken bones and result in the loosening and failure of the implant.

In case of dental implant, a simple, convenient and inexpensive manner to avoid failed dental implants is to consult trusted and qualified dentist specializing in implants that you trust. If you have a failed dental implant and if it is causing discomfort or pain, then you should consult a quality dentist right away.

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