Why is Jack Daniels number 7?

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Why is Jack Daniels number 7?

Jack Daniels is a Tennessee whiskey famous for its Old No. 7 brand. But what does no. 7 mean? Why is that number so significant that it was included in the label?

There are some speculations about the no. 7 and why Jack Daniels had used that number. But before going into those speculations, let’s fist take a look at Jack Daniels’s life so that we can understand better why 7 is very significant to him.

Jack was born in September 1846 but the exact date was unknown because his birth certificate was destroyed. He was single and never married. He died of blood poisoning because of an infection.

Why No. 7? Nobody knows the real meaning into it. There were a lot of versions. Some says it was the entry number when Jack joined a competition. Others said that it takes 7 years to make the Jack Daniels Whiskey. Another meaning is that, 7 was Jack’s lucky number. Others alleged it to the seven girls of Jack Daniels. Although he had seven girlfriends, he still died unmarried. Another interpretation is that, the way he wrote his letter J in Jack looks like number 7.

Whatever is the meaning of no. 7, only Mr. Daniels knows what it symbolizes. Nobody dared to ask him when he was still alive why he gave that number.

For others, number 7 can be interpreted as an advertising strategy. If there is mystery in the product, such as the meaning of 7 in Jack Daniels, then more people will be intrigued. With this, they will be motivated to buy the product to find out if its taste can give the real answer.

Jack Daniels had indeed a secretive personality. But despite those mysteries, people are still fortunate that Jack Daniels created Jack Daniels Old No. 7.

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