Why do Muslims Consider Jerusalem a Holy City?

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Why do Muslims Consider Jerusalem a Holy City?

The Jerusalem City is considered as spiritually significant to all Jews, Christians and Muslims equally. Jerusalem is known to be the land of prophets. Solomon, David, Abraham, Jesus and Moses are religious saints who belong to the Jerusalem. They all preached that GOD is only one. Muslim’s first Qiblah or direction was Jerusalem. They turn towards this direction for performing their prayers. Few years after Islamism came into existence, Muhammed had an idea that qiblah has to be shifted to Mecca from Jerusalem. This was mentioned in Quran verses.

It is recorded from the history that Prophet Mohammed has stated about the mosques that there are three mosques towards which a Muslim should show interest. They are: Sacred Mecca at Saudi Arabia, Mosque of Mohammed called Madinah at Saudi Arabia, and the Al-Aqsa mosque at Jerusalem.

It is believed that Prophet Mohammed got salvation in Jerusalem. Muslims believe that Mohammed’s journey in the night and his salvation called as ‘Israel’ and ‘Miraj, happened in Jerusalem. He was said to have ascended to heaven from Jerusalem. It is known from the Islamic mythology that an Angel called Gabriel has moved Prophet Mohammed from sacred mosque in Mecca to Al-Aqsa in Jerusalem. From here he was moved to Heaven. During this process the Prophet was believed to have met some other prophets and joined them in prayers. Later, they all were known to have reached Mecca ultimately. This whole experience has lasted for the whole night and the issue of Isra and Miraj was also mentioned in Quran.

Allah is praised for having made Mohammed travel from primary mosque to the farther mosque in Jerusalem. This journey of night done by Mohammed was later laid as foundation for development of a relation or joint between two cities, Mecca and Jerusalem. So it is even today correct to think and believe that every Muslim out of extreme devotion considers Jerusalem as a sacred city.

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