Why do people do Community service?

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Why do people do community service?

Community service is a practice of altruism in our community. It is been followed by organizations like the Knights of Columbus, Camp Fire USA, some high school students, and many other groups all over the world. There are Government as well as private organizations which carry out community service. A study was done to correlate community service with academic success. Strong, positive association was observed between the students who do community service with their GPA than for those who do not.

Some of the events in community service include:

1. Collecting items for charity, like clothes, food or furniture.
2. Cleaning roadside verges.
3. Helping the elderly people in old age homes.
4. Helping the local fire or police service.
5. Helping the library.
6. Tutoring children who have a disability in learning.

Carrying out any of the above events or many more gives personal satisfaction to someone. Organizations also do the service for the same purpose, as well as for publicity and encouragement amongst the public. An individual involved in community service will develop the sense of civic engagement and nationalism. Carrying out activities like increasing awareness of a topic to the public, bringing out injustice and fighting against it, and helping others through the donation of money, are some types of services done to help society.

Doing community service is one of the ways to get satisfaction, fun and productivity, by getting voluntarily united. It is a good feeling to do these services. Working voluntarily in an organization will allow the organization to offer services at a lower cost to the economically backward public. Doing voluntary community service brings a sense of responsibility. An individual will feel that his part in society is also important, even if it is only small. Doing services will make us understand that there are many more needs to be satisfied by us than just our own desires. The quality of tolerance can be enhanced in every one by participating in community services. It makes us understand the relevance of all the people in the community, and people should be united by common values.

Community services can wisely fill up our idle time.

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