Why do refrigerators leak water?

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In the defrost cycle that takes place in the refrigerator, the water is melted from the coils of the evaporator via a tube into a pan which is kept underneath the refrigerator. Normally, the water evaporates while most of the time the pan is taken off and cleaned. If this tube that drains away the water is blocked or clogged, the water will accumulate in the backside of the refrigerator and will travel outside into the drawers. The tube blockage has to be cleared to drain the water before it becomes stagnant.

The water condenses in the refrigerator outside the coils of the freezer. Due to the self-defrosting mechanism, this water will be released through a tube. The coil that is present inside the refrigerator will release some water into a tube line that sends this water to the pan from where the water will evaporate. In the case of very humid areas, the condensed water will form faster than the water that is evaporating. Sometimes, it is necessary for the pan to be removed and drained instead of depending on evaporation.

The water that is traveling through the refrigerator and from the freezer might sometimes leak at some stage or the other. To identify the type of leak, one needs to check all along the tube in the entire refrigerator and check whether all the connections are tight. The ice that is formed inside the freezer will turn into water by the functioning of the defrost heater. This heater will liquefy the ice into water which has to get drained away from the system. Otherwise, the appliance will necessitate repair. The reason for the water to form is because the ice is formed in the freezer, and the ice formed has to be cleaned and drained out periodically.

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