Why do Teeth chip?

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Why do Teeth chip?

Teeth cannot be totally protected even with best dental hygiene practices. Any type of trauma can cause tooth chipping and gradually into a broken off teeth. Cosmetic dentistry and reconstructive dentistry help in repairing the damaged teeth. Teeth will be normally strong, though sometimes they chip, crack or break. This chipping of teeth can be due to biting something very hard, hit by someone on the face or mouth, when you fall somewhere, and have any cavities that can weaken the teeth.

When the teeth chip or break, it may not get hurt. The tongue can feel the sharpness of the broken part of the teeth. The fractures in the teeth which are very small may not cause any pain and if large pieces of teeth get chipped of, then it may cause huge pain. The pain might be caused due to the destruction of nerve that was innervating the tooth. If the broken or chipped teeth are exposed to hot or cold foods or drinks, it is very inconvenient and painful.

The nerve endings or blood vessels are damaged to the maximum extent when the teeth were highly damaged. The chipping of teeth can take place due to minor cracks in the enamel of the tooth. The cracking of teeth occurs right from the surface till the nerve innervated region. Teeth chipping can be repaired with a filling material to allow the teeth to look better and beautiful.

The teeth chips, when a powerful force hits the teeth. If the teeth are not strong enough to tolerate the force of the hit, then they chip. Chipping can result when there is an injury caused by an accident, when there is any difference made while biting anything, while grinding something, clenching, and tooth decay. If the filling of the teeth is also not proper and has cracks in it then it can result in teeth chipping.

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