Why Do Cavities Hurt?

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Why do cavities hurt?

Children and adults both will have cavities in the teeth. If the person does not have any pain, it might be determined that the person has cavity. The presence of cavities can be detected at early stages by taking care of the teeth for every six months period. The removal of plaque and tarter that is stagnant has to be done so that the teeth and gingival tissues are not injured. The tooth decay and gingivitis at early stages are not dangerous.

Cavities that are big, cause pain while small to medium cavities will not cause any discomfort. The dentist will examine whether there is any decay present or not. The radiographs will help in detecting the interproximal decay, bright light and a dental explorer. The pain in the tooth is commonly caused due to the dental cavities. These cavities are present in between the two layers of the teeth known as enamel and dentin. The outermost hard layer is called as enamel and the inner layer is called as dentin which is a yellow layer. These two layers help in protecting the inner tissue that is living tissue. This living tissue is known as pulp in which the nerves and blood vessels are innervated.

If there is any bacterium that is residing in the mouth, they will transform the sugars in the mouth into acids. These acids tend to cause harm to the enamel and dentin and dissolve them. This dissolution will result in the formation of cavities. The cavities that are formed at shallow regions of the teeth do not cause any pain. The large cavities will tend to gather some food. The living tissue inside the teeth that is affected will be attacked by the toxins of the bacteria or due to the food items that are hot, cold, sour, and sweet which might cause tooth pain. So, bigger cavities make the suffering person to visit the clinic.

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