Why is Skinny attractive?

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Why is Skinny attractive?

Today, we see a lot of skinny women in the fashion industry. From magazines to billboards to television commercial and movies, skinny women are in. Fashion designers clearly stated that they prefer skinny models because their bodies are easier to dress with because the clothes hang better on them. Just to clear things up, not all fashion designers prefer skinny models and not all models are skinny.

Anyway, due to this rising trend, many women especially young girls are now becoming more and more conscious about their body image. Others, even at their young age tend to undergo diets just to have that ‘supermodel body’. But is a skinny figure really that attractive?

According to some men ‘Yes’, they are. Dating skinny women boosts their ego which is why they love them. Other say that the way their skin tightens up over the bone in most places in their body is what makes them look sexy and attractive especially when being touched. Some men prefer a skinny body wearing tight clothes because they look hot and more appealing especially in swimsuits.

Skinny women are envied in the fashion world because most designers would prefer working with them and yes, these models do look good in photos and in the runway. It seems that their tall height and slender body shape enhances the beauty of the clothes that they wear making it look more pleasing to everyone even to those with different body shape.

Certainly, there are some skinny women who are definitely attractive especially in the fashion world like Tyra Banks and Twiggy. Natural skinny shaped men and women are attractive especially when they’re wearing the right clothes. But what I don’t find attractive are too skinny women who look like a walking scarecrow and those who would starve themselves just to get ‘skinny’. Of course who would want to date a person who looked like they have a terminal illness?

In conclusion, I would like to point out that beauty is relative and subjective. Skinny is not always attractive but nonetheless, they are attractive to some.

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