Why do turkeys make you sleepy?

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Why do turkeys make you sleepy?

Turkeys are large birds that are indigenous to North America. Since they are birds, they have the ability to fly. However, such ability greatly depends on their weight. But some turkeys which are considered to be wild can fly and even avoid predators that they encounter during their flight. However, because of their size and incredible taste, turkeys have become the main cuisine during Thanksgiving Day. Thanksgiving is one special day for the Americans because it pays tribute to the Creator by giving thanks for all the blessing that have been received.

Over the years, many people have observed that every after ingesting turkey, especially during Thanksgiving, people eventually get sleepy. The reason behind this mechanism has developed tons of myths regarding this query. As further studies and researches were conducted, it was discovered that the main culprit in making one sleepy is the stimulation of the nervous system to produce certain hormone that is responsible for human’s sleep and wake pattern. This hormone is known as serotonin. Serotonin is produced only in the presence of an amino acid, the tryptophan, which is essential in maintaining good health. Undeniably, turkey contains tryptophan as well as with other meats available. Turkey gets singled out for no other reason than being eaten during the biggest meal of the year. Carbohydrates have also shown to be one of the contributors in leading someone to sleep after having eaten turkey. With increased levels of carbohydrates, serotonin synthesis hastens. Although other factors such as overeating, fat content of turkey and alcohol can also lead one to get sleepy, it has somehow been proven that the main culprit for such sleepiness is the tryptophan contained in turkeys.

Despite this fact, no Thanksgiving will ever be complete without turkey to dine.

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