Why gasoline so high?

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Why gasoline so high?

Most commonly produced by the production of crude oil through the process of fractional distillation, gasoline is a petroleum derived mixture of liquid that mainly serves as fuel for engines and other gas operated machines and equipments. Otherwise known as petrol, gasoline was first cited in the Oxford English Dictionary in 1865, as inspired by the French word, pétrole. Other than being used as fuel for combustion and running engines and machines, gasoline is also widely used as a solvent, with its ability of diluting paints. Along with its various uses, the use of gasoline entails several health and environmental concerns that many people are highly concerned with. Acclaimed to be one of the major pollutants, excessive inhalation of gasoline can cause detrimental effects to the body and can even predispose other types of diseases. More so, gasoline affects the environment, as it is considered a greenhouse gas. It is vital therefore, that intelligent consumption of gas must be observed and practiced.

One of the most common concerns that people raise these days is the high price of gasoline. All countries utilize cars, engines and machines that primarily use gasoline for such materials to function. And it is one debilitating fact that gasoline prices are unceasingly growing. One major cause for high price gasoline is the increase in demand for oil. Increasing demands for crude oil, where gasoline is made from, also increases the demand for gasoline, thereby affecting the price for which it will be sold in the market. More so, in today’s chaotic world, particularly in Libya and Egypt, where great oil reserves are located, high prices of gasoline are caused by investors’ fear.

With today’s uprisings and crises, it is important that one knows how to save and reduce the use of gas.

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