Why Is Akhenaten Famous?

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Why Is Akhenaten Famous?

Pharaoh Akhenaten is the famous ruler of Egypt in 1350 BC. He changed the religious belief of the whole state from worshipping many gods to only one god, Aten, who is considered as the sun. This made him
popular for religious people that believe everything he says. The second thing that made him famous is his marriage to Nefertiti. She is identified as the most beautiful woman of ancient world. Back then, Memphis is the capital city that he changed to a city he founded called Akhetaten which is the city of El-Amarna today.

Akhenaten changed a lot of things during his rule. He started an artistic style that led the painters and sculptors to do the true likeness rather than old form which has done for 1300 years before.
His first priority is to focus on his only God, Aten rather than thinking of his country’s benefits. After 17 years of reigning, Akhenaten died and he transferred the rule to his son. The reason why he died is still not clear until now. His existence is only discovered at modern times. His remains had never been found. It has been believed that he had a Marfan syndrome that often distorts the features of a person as seen on his pictures.

Monotheism is the main reason why he is still known to man nowadays. He proposed that only one God has created people and the whole world. Because of this belief, his ancestors started to follow his lead. The really weird thing about him is that his name and his successors’ names never appeared on the kings lists. He has been forgotten up until the history of monotheism of Egypt has been studied. He is truly the father of monotheism. And because of him, artistic character is also introduced to Egyptians.

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