Why is Perception important?

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Why is Perception important?

When we make our thinking abilities to connect to the world some sources of energies are involved that influence our thoughts. They can be good or bad energy sources. These sources are important in giving information to fulfill our ambitions. The art of perception will make it easy for us to use this energy. We can perceive things like light in the visible spectrum, infra red radiation, movement of air, presence of some chemicals, pain, and movement of our body.

The visual information is obtained by the perception of retina, occipital lobe, thalamus and visual information being divided by right and left hemispheres. The visual perception aids in detecting edges, colors, identifying object features, recognizing the ground figure and objects in space and so on. People have misunderstandings or problems among themselves only when they have some confusion in certain facts and opinion.

If the person is able to differentiate between facts and opinions, the misunderstandings will be removed. Perception of matters will play major role in improving our future than the facts or visual happenings. This does not mean that facts are not real and they do not exist. It means that proper perception of the real situation is more important than the situation by itself. It is very difficult to accept that, perception of reality is important. But, failing to accept this might result in problems and misunderstandings.

Perception will enable a person to grasp the issues or circumstances or situations far higher than the objective approach. Perception is important because it makes the person to visualize something and create a separate realistic idea which is logically linked with the past experiences. That is the reason for many people starting to interpret differently by looking at one thing simultaneously. Perception extracts the real character within you which can make you understand the nature of real self in you.

Author: Hari M

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