Why is Skins called skins?

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Why is Skins called skins?

The British teen drama called Skins has won BAFTA award. This drama series involves a group of teenagers living in Bristol and South West England. This drama deals with issues like mental illness, dysfunctional families, substance abuse, death and sexual orientation. The writers of this series were Bryan Elsley and Jamie Brittain. This show is involved with very popular actors and young writers. The actors of the roles in the show will be frequently changed as and when the casts reach their sixth form. This normally happens once in every two series.

The Skins’ was telecasted for four seasons and was known to have prepared itself well for the sixth season. This show is an American adaptation by MTV based on the UK series with same name. This programme has initiated the term called Skins party which indicates the extravagant night which involves heavy drinking and drug usage. This show had about 3.3 million viewers. This show had some controversy due to some scenes showing sex of the teenagers and drug use. The New York Times has suggested MTV to reduce the unwanted content from this show. The Parents television council has lodged a complaint against the show Skins’. They made allegations on this drama that it is one of the most dangerous series for the teenagers and includes child pornography. The Parent’s television council has called for investigation by the government. MTV was not ready to accept the accusations against their show Skins’ and says that it has taken care to run the show within the suitable legal requirements. The major sponsors Taco Bell, Wrigley and General Motors have stopped to put their advertisements during the show Skins’.

The Skins’ title probably refers to the drug usage in the show and refers to the papers used to roll around the cigarette which are mostly used to help in drug taking. Skins are plural of a degree or the nudity of more than one person. The title may also explain the vulnerability to sexual misuse which was shown in one or other levels of the show.

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  1. Teegan

    January 23, 2015 2:28 am

    I think the name skins is either referring to the rolling paper for all the spiffs in skins (coz there’s a lot) or because in skins rise cook talks about how death gets under your skin and how you should never look back , only forward coz the past is dead and buried ( when he says this he is referring to the end of series for where he killed John coz he killed cooks best friend Freddie. We don’t find out who wins the fight at the end of the series and what cook tells us at the begging of skins rise tells us that cook killed him ) and then at the end of the series rise he then explains how life can also get under your skin and then they both follow you round for the rest of your days. And bacause this was all said right at the end of skins I’m thinking that it was done on purpose because they made us wait and then finally revealed what everything meant


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