Why is Tea better than Coffee?

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Why is Tea better than Coffee?

Tea was discovered by the Chinese. Since then, it has become very popular in Asia and Europe.

Coffee and tea are both caffeinated drinks but coffee has more of it compared to tea. Both can be drank hot or cold and both have their own health benefits. But which is much better? For me, although I drink both of them, I prefer tea than coffee and here are some reasons why.

Health benefits. Depending on the type, teas have much more health benefits compared to coffee. For example, famous green tea is known to help fight cancer, lower blood pressure, reduce bad cholesterol and kills plaque and oral bacteria. It is also a good source of anti-oxidants more powerful than vitamin E.

Black tea is known to prevent clogged arteries, inhibit growth of cancel cells, helps reduce inflammation and is highly proven to neutralize a variety of germs. Some anti-venom are said to have been extracted from black tea.

Ginseng tea is known to improve concentration and memory, helps fight off viral infections, reduces stress, improves blood circulation and boosts a person’s reaction time.

Aside from these, tea also acts as a mild pain reliever due to the high level of quercetin found in it. It is also a good digestive aid and is good in preventing Alzheimer’s and strengthens bones to prevent osteoporosis. It also helps prevent kidney stones and provides comfort during menstrual cramps.

Some also say that drinking tea can help lengthen your life as it does to most Asians especially the Japanese people.

Tea costs less. Compared to making a cup of coffee, drinking tea is much more economic because you can re-use the tea bag or the tea leaves up to 2-3 times thus lessening the cost per cup as compared to coffee.

Easy to prepare. To prepare a nice cup of tea, all you need to have is a cup of hot water and some tea leaves or a tea bag. Compared to brewing coffee, this method is much faster. Although there are instant coffee being sold out there, still, nothing beats the smell of brewed.

In conclusion, tea is better than coffee because it has a lot more benefits and can be a nice alternative to coffee and various research has already proven that the benefits of tea outweighs coffee.

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