Why is fast food so popular?

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Why is fast food so popular?

Life now becomes fast-paced.  Everybody becomes busy in school, work, and in the community.  Life gets also more complicated because there are lots of tasks to accomplish.  Because of this, people don’t have time anymore to cook.  Wives, who were supposed to serve their husbands the meals they want are also busy with their careers.  The establishment of fastfood had been an answer to the busy life of people who don’t have time anymore to cook.  We can order food in just a minute without the spending energy in coking.

Another reason why fastfood is popular because it offers meals that are affordable.  It is also more practical because you pay for what you eat.  There are no wastes produced in the kitchen.  When you cook, you need to go to the market and buy the ingredients, cook the food in the kitchen, and eat. It will take hours for you to eat the food.  Cooking will also cost much because you need to buy the recipes and use electricity or natural fuel to cook the food.

Fastfood as the name implies, is food served quickly.  This is very convenient to office workers who don’t need any more to go home and cook just to eat.  For drivers and travelers, fastfood is also an advantage because of the drive-thru systems.  You can eat anytime even at your car.

Now, fastfood restaurant is very popular especially to teenagers because it is considered as a social place where friends meet and bond.  While talking and discussing things, these teenagers also eat their favorite food served in the fastfood restaurant.

With its popularity, fastfood is now considered as the staple food of busy people. It is cheap, delicious, and served fast. We may eat fastfood once in a while to satisfy our stomach but then we must limit eating fastfood because it is not healthy to our body.

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  1. Claire Masters

    February 11, 2022 12:07 pm

    I do agree that fast food is so popular because it is an accessible and cheap option for those who don’t have enough time to prepare food for themselves. I think it’s also good to know that this convenience has also been improved due to drive-thru services. It would be nice to order something interesting at a restaurant one of these days.


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