Why Is Time Management Important? – Time is more valuable than gold

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“Time is precious”; “Time is gold”; “Time is what we want most, but… what we use worst”. These are essentially true quotes. In other words, use your time well for it waits for no man.

People are always complaining that they do not have enough time to do everything that they need to do. This stress-building attitude is alleviating through proper time management.

Time management:

Time management are all of these effective ways of: (1) time scheduling; (2) goal setting, (3) prioritizing important things to do and what not to do; (4) delegating tasks, (5) examining and going over how you spent your time; (6) arranging your place of work; (7) focusing and concentrating on your work; and (8) inspiring yourself to aspire towards an objective. Adjustment of routines and patterns of behavior can be reduced once ways to improve the management of our time can be identified.

Time management for everyone:

Twenty-four hours in a day is enough to accomplish much with proper timing. For those unaware of time management skills, the days speed with nothing at the end of each day. What a waste as time as it will never return. Those with time management skills get the most out of their day and achieve a lot in a 24 hour period.

What time management is not?

Wasting time is the opposite of time management. Procrastination is its antonym and could be a reason for much of your frustrations in life. Use your time on activities that produce something of value in your life. If you fall under the category of procrastinator, then your solution is time management!

Reasons for the importance of time management:

There is no need for you to be a master of time management as everyone has the potential to master the art. You just have to be convinced how important it is.

# 1 – Time is limited and never extended for any reason. Every day has the same number of hours; there are always 7 days in a week; 30 days more or less in a month; and 12 months in a year. Therefore, make the most of your time if you ever want to be more than average.

#2 Free time to relax and unwind is good for you, but unfortunately, many don’t get much free time because they are busy trying to keep up with their daily activities and work load.

#3“ Practicing good times management will help you make better choices. Sometimes you minimize selection from large options when you give yourself a time limit. Proper time management eliminates stresses and anxieties as you have more time to breathe. In a relax environment, you determine the best choice.

#4 – Time management is the key to success for you are allowed to take control of your life rather than follow the flow of others. Accomplishing more, making better decisions, and working more efficiently equal a more successful life.

# 5 – By proper control of your time, you can accomplish more as you stay focused with the activity on hand. This results to efficiency as you never lose grip of the momentum to do the task. It is just like running a mile; you will be exhausted and delayed finishing the distance if you stop for every 5 minutes.

# 6 By properly controlling your time and working more efficiently, you will learn more and increase your experience faster. Have you ever wondered why students just breezed through college? It is because they implement time management throughout their entire school life. A good time implementer stands above the rest, gain more experience and move faster up the ladder of their career.

# 7 Practicing good time management in your life is practicing discipline; you can control your liabilities and give vent to your assets. With proper time management, you produce more of what you need in life.

From the spiritual point of view:

Ecclesiastes 3 stated that there is time for everything and that everything has its season “ a time to be born and a time to die.

Even for those who are not religious, time management is important because it makes you happier, more successful, live a fuller life, and live stress-free. As a non-renewable resource, once time is gone, it’s really all gone so don’t waste it.

Author: Lourdes Cedeno

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