Why is weather important?

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Why is weather important?

Weather is important for both plants and animals to live comfortably and peacefully. In agricultural stations where most of the people are dependent on the rains, they need to know about the weather often. Some of the crops cannot tolerate intense heat and hence the farmers will have to take steps to protect the crop lands from heavy sunlight. They need to know about the weather in general to take care of their agricultural lands whether the following day is going to be hot or rainy.

Wherever we stay in the world, it is important to know about the weather as most of the human activities are linked with it. So, it is advantageous to predict the weather at our place. Weather prediction will help different people in different ways. If the weather says that this night would have red sky, it is happy news for the sailor and he can feel secured in the waters. Similarly, if the weather forecasts that sky will be red in the morning, then the sailor takes it as a warning and be careful enough to face the consequences.

Measuring weather will give us the pattern of the weather conditions using which we can predict or forecast weather. Weather stations provide the information regarding these predictions. The warnings regarding weather changes which can have drastic effects on human activities are given for economic and safety purposes. The weather warnings from weather stations are given to stock farmers, agricultural farmers, fishermen, boating men, to control traffic in the air and to issue information on cyclones and so on. Ã’šÃ‚ The boating can be due to the transport purpose or it can be for entertainment purpose. For both the cases, weather warning can prevent the people from facing drastic conditions.

Weather plays an important role in predicting the natural calamities like Hurricanes, Tornadoes, and Storms. Weather knowledge is very much essential to human life and variations in it will create personal obstacles. Bad weather reports will help to avoid destruction of economies and life.

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