Why Should Abortion Be Illegal?


Abortion During Medieval Time
Abortion During Medieval Time

Why Should Abortion Be Illegal?

When we are born to this earth, it did not happen by chance but because we will serve a great purpose for a lifetime. We are born in God’s image and likeness, thus we are unique and high forms of creature. But why do people result to committing abortion?

Across the world the issue on abortion has been widespread and it earned negative criticisms and for some a positive solution. Let us examine the issues surrounding abortion. Defining it first gives an opening avenue for further discussion.

Abortion is a termination of pregnancy with a discerned intention. This is giving the mother a free-hand and free-will to decide to continue or terminate a pregnancy. It stirs debate among people and supporters because for supporters of abortion rights claim that a fetus or embryo is not a person yet. But for pro-life supporters stand is, as the egg meets the sperm and undergoes the process of fertilization, life begins and to curtail it would mean an act of murder and punishable by the law.

Pro-life supporters firmly stand on advocacy of abortion as an illegal act for the following reasons; it is so cruel that it does not allow the child in the womb to thrive and fulfill its purpose in life. It entails irresponsibility for some women in their sexual acts that for some it is their type of birth control method. Thus, results more women to be prone to infidelity and forbidden relationships. Furthermore, it could lead to greater health risks for the woman as the chances of having children later in life would be lessen and she’d be prone to medical complications as that of infections, sepsis and miscarriages to name a few. An effect of the psychological make-up of the woman would be a result of guilt that would lead to psychological impairments and depression. It is for these grave reasons that abortion should be considered an illegal act and should not be an option for life is a gift, God’s precious gift to us. No man has the right to take it away, even though God has given him a mind and free will.

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  1. JR

    February 4, 2013 8:02 am

    I read your argument, but your reasons do not hold up on a medical standpoint, only opinions. WebMD states its safe. In the first trimester, medical examiners check the fetus in case it is fatal to the woman or has an illness. Try to argue against the abortion. As for irresponsibility, deals with prostitution two dozen times in God’s bible, promoting it and calling it a shame, not a sin. It is bias to protest birth control, yet not mention about condoms or STD vaccines that has saved millions of lives in Western Europe this decade. These diseases can transfer through cuts, not just sexually. Ironically census polls show populations that are mostly pro-life are mostly pro-hunting and pro-war. What difference is a life born with sin, advocated by the pope, and one that has sinned? They are both the same. My church has a different standpoint than yours, so clearly, you cannot argue your case right.


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