Why was Jamie Lee Curtis at dancing with the stars?

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Why was Jamie Lee Curtis at dancing with the stars?

Jamie Lee Curtis and Jennifer Grey are very good friends. The TV show ‘Dancing with the Stars, regularly has some stars colorfully sparkling in the audience side. In one of the episodes of this show in the September 27th, 2010 the camera could identify a celebrity among the audience. Sarah Palin was there to support her daughter Bristol who is one of the contestants in the show. There was another personality seen in the audience. It was Jamie Lee Curtis who has come over there to cheer up Jennifer Grey. People were wondering why she was there. According to the words of Curtis, she was there just to support Jennifer Grey in her performance. She was reported to have told Access Hollywood that she will be there present in the show as much time that she can. She said that she will be mostly seen in the front row and support the Jennifer team.

It was also reported that Curtis told the press that she would like everyone to know that she was supporting Jennifer. It was thought that supporting Jennifer would not be the sole reason for Curtis to attend the show ‘Dancing with the Stars,. She accepted once before, that she likes attending the show as she loves and enjoys it watching ‘Live’. When Curtis was asked to take part in the show earlier, she seems to have denied the offer. She said that the rehearsals take lot of time and she could not afford to lose the time to be spent with her family at the expense of working in the show. But, now that her friend is participating, she said that she would think about participating possibly in the future. Though Jennifer Grey was not into the Semi Finals, she started telling out that she might have to get out due to an injury. Probably, she thought that pulling out this time to reappear would be better than winning and disappear forever.

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