Why was volleyball invented?

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Why was volleyball invented?

William G. Morgan has invented the Volleyball game which was initially called as ‘Mintonette, in 1895. He has the habit of blending various other games and generates one new game out of them. Ã’šÃ‚ To make changes he altered the height of the Tennis net to above 6 feet and 6 inches. This new sport was introduced with a special ball. Morgan selected two teams to give a demo of this sport to YMCA (Young Men’s Christian Association) directors of physical education. The game was demonstrated that the two teams can swing the ball to both the sides continuously above the net. The directors had suggested the name of the sport as ‘Volleyball,. Morgan has set certain rules for the sport and handed it to the directors of physical education. They accepted it for further development of the sport.

Morgan invented the sport ‘Volleyball, at Holyoke, Massachusetts. Morgan happened to meet James Naismith who found Basketball game in 1891. Morgan was very much driven by the basketball game invented by Naismith. The basketball game was designed especially for young students. Morgan began to think about the basketball sport and began to design a sport which can be suitable for the older people at YMCA. To design this new game, Morgan has taken the basic structure of the game to be similar to German game of Faustball, tennis, baseball and handball.

The trophy in the name of Morgan is given in United States for best male or female college level Volleyball player. This award is given every year and it is given in the honor of William Morgan as the sport was established by the Morgan foundation in the centennial year of the Volleyball. The Volleyball game was created to play a less violent game and which is more powerful or forceful than the basketball game.

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