Why is soccer so popular?

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soccer-1019394_640Why is soccer so popular?

Soccer is a very popular sport all over the World. It is so popular probably the players need to have high skills to play this sport. This sport is liked and loved by many who are simply fanatical about the game. Soccer is enjoyed all over the world and like it in the form of FIFA world cup. FIFA is the biggest popular sporting tournament.  This game is relatively simple and is played by everyone in the world. It is played in many developing countries having two teams and a single football. The rules and regulations in this sport are not very complicated. Arms are not allowed to be used in this game and the ball has to be kicked towards the net. There is another rule regarding the offside which has to be memorized. This rule can be understood after watching a single game. With this few necessities for the game, it can be enjoyed very much.

Large amount of money are spent to secure the players selected from many places all over the world. Many young players are also encouraged to build up their career in this sport. This popular game also has enough media coverage continuously. Stafford HeginBotham said in 1985 that ‘Football is the opera of the people,. Everyone is welcome to play football irrespective of rich or poor. Day by day the participation of players and countries in this sport is increasing and those who are watching this are also increasing. Several people watch the world cup to look at the skills of their heroes in the international matches.

Soccer team member should possess lot of talent and skill to compete with players in the top leagues. The players need to spend most of the hours in practicing the art of football play. The ability to handle the football very easily should be tried by all the football players. The player has to rise himself to an extent that he can hit or kick the football even when it is moving fast. The moving ball should also be handled with accuracy by kicking the ball to the correct receiver.

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