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Why is Abortion Wrong?

Why is Abortion Wrong?

Abortion is often considered wrong because it is killing a human life. This, simply put, is murder. Murder is an illegal act. And because not only was the act knowingly committed was wrong, it was also premeditated, meaning that it was thought of beforehand and planned out. This is murder in the first degree, and punishable from 25 years in prison to a life sentence, and even the death penalty.

The problem with this lies with the state of the infant. A baby, even when it is still in its mother’s womb, is still a human. Many people will say that it is not actually a human life until it is no longer inside the mother’s womb, but many others believe that it becomes a human as soon as the sperm hits the egg and combines to form the zygote, the cell which will eventually grow, divide and differentiate in to a fetus and then into a full infant, all the time growing within the mother’s womb.

The legal definition of when a baby becomes a human, and when its death can be classified as a murder, is when the baby has completely exited the birthing canal and has taken at least one breath. Before then, killing a baby is not considered murder, and thus abortion is not illegal.

However, no matter how you spin it, that baby is still a human life, and even by the legal definition it is still a potential human life. Its death is not something to be taken lightly. Of course, there are certain times when an abortion should be allowable: when the mother was raped and became pregnant due to that rape, or when the mother became pregnant on accident and bringing the baby into the world would be cruel to the child. But most of the time, the fetus is given up, is murdered, out of convenience for the mother: because it wouldn’t be convenient for the mother to have a child, even though she clearly did not take the possibility of becoming pregnant as serious, and she is now taking a human life, and putting no blame on herself.

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