Why did Fedotowsky Leave “The Bachelor”?

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Why did Fedotowsky Leave ‘The Bachelor’?

After competing against 24 gorgeous women vying for the heart of Jake Pavelka on the 14th season of reality tv show ‘The Bachelor’: On the Wings of Love, 25-year-old advertising account manager Ali Fedotowsky from Williamstown, MA has finally decided to quit the show.

Before she left, there was a rumor that one of the bachelorette was going to leave and this rumor became a reality in episode 6, which was aired on Monday, Feb 8. This happened right after the hometown dates episode. It was said that Ali received a notice from her boss, calling her back to work.

At first she was confused and hesitant but what made her decision was ‘The Bachelor’ star Jake Pavelka’s unsure feelings. Before she left, she asked him about his opinion regarding the matter. Sensing that Jake has not yet decided, she felt that he couldn’t give her the final rose so she chose her career over love and finally left the show.

According to RealitySteve.com, Ali left the show due to her job on Facebook. She was just starting her job in this company when she left work and joined the ‘The Bachelor’. Apparently, she was asked to choose between her job and the competition. Some sources say that she didn’t have enough time off or her vacation leave has run out and she didn’t inform her boss that she’ll be gone for a longer period that what was expected thus resulting in her being called back.

Needless to say, she chose to come back to work over risking a 1-in-4 chance of winning and having a successful relationship with the Bachelor, Jake Pavelka.

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