Why Do Cats Like Boxes?

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Why do cats like boxes?

Cats generally like to hide in small pits and boxes. The boxes will give a place for the cats to hide themselves. Cats that enter into the boxes tend to play games with the people in the family, in case if it is a pet animal. If anyone comes home with the shopping bag in front of the pet cat, the cat will be more enthusiastic about the contents of the bag and it tries to get into the bag. This happens for the same reason for which the cats like to enter into the box. The cats also tend to eat the box edges.

Cats want to sit on the paper or on the boxes in order to fell the warmth than the cool tiles of the floor. By these events, it is evident to say that cats like to get enclosed in something. They feel protected by getting enclosed in small places. The cats feel that they need naturally warmness and protection. This instinct present especially in cats will make them to hide before any danger comes when they are sleeping. Usually they choose holes or places with the top for hiding purpose.

The cats prefer to get inside its carrier that is kept in the room. It will be enthusiastic to hang out from the carrier, remove the door and keep it open. If the carrier is filled with favorite toys and is provided with a blanket, the cats will settle down in it and continue to sleep. The cats are generally curious and they tend to hide inside the box and discover something by jumping out suddenly when anyone passes by. The cats have the tendency to explore something they come across. The cats also like to hide in small places to prevent themselves from becoming prey to its predators. The boxes provide a feeling of safety to the cats.

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