Why Do Fungi Live In Moist Environment?

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Why Do Fungi Live In Moist Environment?

Fungi are microorganisms that perform an important role in the decomposition of organic matter. They are called heterotrophy because they cannot manufacture their own food. They decompose anything that is organic in order to obtain food.

Fungi live in moist environments because it is where they reproduce best. Due to their simple vasculature system they need to grow in places that are moist and dumpy. This way they will only have to rely on osmotic pressure which is the pressure of a dissolved substance to expand equally to all parts of the medium.

A moist environment is the perfect place for fungi which feed on extracellular digestion. They produce enzymes which digest their food and make it soluble while the dissolved food is absorbed. It is during this part that moisture plays an important role because it aids in the absorption of dissolved food.

These microorganisms are most commonly seen among roots of trees, in woods, gardens and parks. They can also be found in places where we do not want to find them such as in our fruit bowls, in wilted fruits and vegetables and in damp bathrooms. They can thrive even on the inside or outside of plants and animals causing diseases such as the Dutch elm disease.

There are various uses of fungi and one of these is as a direct source of food such as truffles and mushrooms. It is also used in the fermentation of food and beverages such as beer and soy sauce. In recent years it has also been used for the production of antibiotics and act as biological agents to control pests and weeds.

It is somewhat ironic to think that fungi have various uses for mankind. This is because there are a number of diseases and illness that we can identify with it such as athlete’s foot in humans. However, it cannot be denied that these microorganisms also play an important role in the advancement of medicine.

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