Why Does Beer make you Fat?

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Why Does Beer make you Fat?

Drinking a little beer and very infrequently would be relaxing and harmless. However, drinking large quantities of beer could obstruct your intention to reduce your weight. The more you take beer daily, the more it is highly difficult to find the daily balancing activities to burn the calories. This will result in the accumulation of fats in the body. Moreover, these calories do not have any nutritional value.

It is calculated approximately that two beers a day would give you 300 calories more per day. In a week’s time, 2100 calories will be taken in. If this is continued, similarly in a year, around 110000 calories will be consumed. This will be equivalent to around thirty pounds of fats that will get accumulated per year. This will really be dangerous and not that easy to lose.

Actually in terms of biochemistry, the processes involved in digesting the fats will be similar to even the fats. So, beer or alcohol will cease the digestion of fats while the pathway is busy in taking care of metabolizing the beer or alcohol. If we see people who drink a lot of beer every day, we can observe that lots of fats get accumulated near their stomach. This can be problematic to their health and may eventually lead to heart diseases. Excess intake of beer per day will increase calorie intake daily and decrease the metabolism. Hence, it causes increase in weight.

Non-alcoholic beer also gives you the same calories as that of an alcoholic one. Approximately 150 calories are available in a pint while a weak alcoholic beer has about 99 calories. It is studied that in spite of someone doing exercises and eating correctly, his beer intake will increase the body weight. A sixteen ounce beer has a high calorie content of alcohol. Beer consists of carbohydrates and alcohol both of which contribute a lot of calories. That is why beer builds up fat in us.

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