Why Do Graduates Wear Caps And Gowns?

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Why Do Graduates Wear Caps And Gowns?

In the middle ages, most of the academic interactions or classes were usually done either in an open area or in a place without a roof. Due to whether changes such as the heat of the sun during summer and the rain or snow flakes during winter, each and every student together with their mentors have to wear a cap or hat to protect their heads and bodies from heat and cold. Well, this then was the origin why during graduation, the students are required to wear cap since it becomes a symbol and part of education endeavor.

On the other hand, there are various origins or stories behind the wearing of gowns during graduation ceremonies. It is said that most of the universities in Europe were under the custody or management of the strict monastic academic institutions. In that era, most of the students were part of the various religious congregations or of a particular minor order; hence they come to school in their habits or long robe apparels which is referred to as the cassock. Cassock is the long gown robe worn by priests or imams during worship or religious celebrations.

In the year 1222, the venerable Archbishop of Canterbury came up with an academic mandate to all English schools regarding the wearing of a required long dress as the official and formal school uniform. This long apparel became a famous trend among universities and other academic institutions until the start of the modern era. In the modern ages the long uniforms and gowns were abolished and were changed into shorter ones for practical reason. This however did not hinder the universities in paying tribute to the tradition brought about by the long gown and the cap. Thus during graduation ceremonies these schools incorporated the use of cap and long gown in honor of what has been the usual practice in academic matters.

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